About Kismet Moments 

Hey there! My name is Kyler, I am the owner of Kismet Moments Photography. I am a proud dog dad of 4 beautiful pups. Animals are always welcome.  My partner is often my co-shooter in photoshoots, so you might meet him at some point! I'm a creative human being that loves any art form. 

I started my photography journey in 2009, during high school.  The word "Kismet" is defined as Fate or Destiny.  That's what I think of when I take my photos. I love catching those candid moments most people don't think about which then allows them to look back on those Kismet Moments. 

If you notice on my pricing page, I don't offer the typical packages. With my photoshoots, I don't put many limits, I don't edit a certain amount of photos and I don't specify how many outfits you can bring.  This is because I will continue to take photos until we feel I've gotten enough to work with.  In most of my photoshoots, I will walk away with around 500 photos to go through, and I'll edit about 100 or more of those photos. I do this because I love being behind the camera and making those moments for everyone to share.  Those Kismet Moments.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or if you just have an idea. Let's make it happen.  

Also, Please note, Do NOT let your income keep you from reaching out! I do offer Payment plans, bartering, and some awesome sales. 

Much love
-Kyler Mason

*KM Photos does not discriminate on race, sex, gender, or ethnicity. KM Photos is LGBTQIA+ Friendly and more than welcoming for everyone!* 

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